Quotes for Cross river state (Nigeria)

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“I am humbled by the responsibility put on my shoulders” 

“I want a cross river state where somebody can live, work and feel safe” 

“I want to feel that as we move forward, cross river state will be one of the best places anyone can live in”

“Security, job opportunities and infrastructure are the 3 critical things I’d like to focus on”

“Security is the bedrock of economic growth”

“Whatever support the security agencies need in cross river state we are giving them”

“Private sector is the engine room for growth in any economy”

“It’s not right to believe that government alone can provide growth”

“I’m creating an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive”

“cross river state is the cornerstone of economic business in Nigeria”

“If cross river state gets it right it means the Nigerian economy can grow”

“We are attracting the the highest level of foreign direct investment into cross river state”

“You cannot have a city with over 20m people & the only one mode of transport is road”

“In the next 2 years we should be able to activate water transportation in cross river state”

“In the next 2 years we should be able to finish the blue line rail”

“I’m looking for a health sector that will be able to take care of Cross river citzen”

“We must reduce the cost of governance”

“The future of cross river state is secure”

“The future of cross river state is as bright as the sun shines”

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